TokenTraxx was built to unite the best existing music development and promotion systems with Web3 tools that provide irrefutable, trustless authenticity provenance and security.

Utilizing blockchain technology for music creation and distribution, TokenTraxx is on a mission to open new opportunities for artists and fans – bringing them closer together as intermediaries become redundant. By leveraging these new connections, TokenTraxx will enable ALL MEMBERS OF THE MUSIC COMMUNITY to support each other – knowing that their contribution will be secure, traceable and rewarded.

As such, TokenTraxx Technology and TokenTraxx Marketplace facilitate tight integration of THREE KEY GROUPS: Creators, Curators and Collectors, because, after all – it is the product of collaboration between these groups that defines how we discover, engage, share, and fall in love with music.

Without Creators, there would be no music. Without Curators and Collectors, there would be no network effect nor feedback loop that enables new music to be heard and new talent to be introduced.

CREATORS are those who CONTRIBUTE to music creation – writers, musicians, and producers.

TokkenTraxx enables them to

  • distribute and commercialise their work;

  • directly connect with fans and benefit from their support;

  • unlock fairer business models and tap into new revenue opportunities.

CURATORS are those who CONTRIBUTE to music discovery and dissemination – DJs, A&R, Influencers, social media tastemakers and others who find, filter and elevate the music.

TokenTraxx enables them to

  • champion their specific and refined taste;

  • build a reputation for showcasing relevant talent;

  • monetize their ability to source and promote music.

COLLECTORS are those who collect music, recognise its value and CONTRIBUTE to its appreciation the most.

TokenTraxx enables them to

  • find rare and hidden gems;

  • become engaged in their favourite artist’s success;

  • Profit from their loyalty and support.

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