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What is staking?

Staking in cryptocurrency is like putting your money in a savings account where it earns interest. When you stake your crypto, you lock up some of your coins to support the operation of a blockchain network. As a thank you for this support, the network gives you additional coins as rewards, based on the amount you've staked. This process allows you to earn more coins over time, similar to how you earn interest from a bank by keeping your money in a savings account.

How do I stake my TRAXX tokens?

If you are familiar with staking, you can do so yourself directly to claim you chosen membership pass.

Staker Benefits

Staking TRAXX on the TokenTraxx platform enables token holders to qualify for TokenTraxx Membership Program. Depending on the amount of TRAXX staked, token holders will become eligible to mint one of the three memberships – Gold, Silver or Platinum. Becoming a TokenTraxx member grants you access to a range of staking rewards and benefits based on the tier you hold:

  • SILVER: @10% APY for 1 month*

  • GOLD: @15% APY for 3 months*

  • PLATINUM: @30% APY for 6 months*

Other member benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Access to members-only challenges and rewards.

  • Discounts on digital collectibles, merch and software.

  • Regular free digital collectible airdrops.

Learn more about membership in the follow sections:

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