💫Core Solutions

  • TRAXX Studios: Central to our ecosystem, TRAXX Studios are a fully customisable, white-label instance of the TokenTraxx marketplace, effectively allowing you to have your own Web3 marketplace. Within this space, you can seamlessly create, mint, and sell unique digital assets (NFTs), complete with token-gated content and memberships. Additionally, the platform supports credit card payments, providing flexibility for transactions according to the user's preferences. Enjoy direct paths to new revenue, community growth, and a marketplace tailored to your specific needs.

📋TRAXX Studios Features
  • TRAXX Token: The TRAXX token serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of digital collectibles for real-world value. It's not just a token; it's a versatile tool for creators and fans alike. For creators and TRAXX Studio owners, the TRAXX token allows you to monetise your creations by offering them for sale in exchange for TRAXX. Additionally, staking TRAXX unlocks exclusive benefits, community quests, and discounts on studio services. As a fan, you can use the token to purchase digital collectibles, participate in membership quests, and earn rewards. TRAXX isn't just about transactions; it's about fostering a vibrant community dedicated to entertainment, creativity, and positive change.

🪙The TRAXX Token
  • Membership: Being a TokenTraxx member means you're part of an exclusive community with access to amazing rewards, discounts, and special opportunities tailored just for you. What makes being part of this community so exciting? Here, you're not just a member; you're joining a vibrant network of like-minded individuals and organisations. Together, we're revolutionising the creative industries through Web3 technology, forging new paths and embracing change. As a TokenTraxx member, you get exclusive perks tailored to your membership level, making your journey with us even more rewarding. Enjoy monthly TRAXX rebates for music subscriptions, up to $30 value every month. Earn up to 30% yield with TRAXX staking. Get discounts on merch and access to our exclusive platinum NFT hoodie. Connect directly with our team and community through members Telegram. Enjoy early access to drops and VIP event invitations. Receive quarterly music NFT airdrops and meet founders, team and artists at special events.

🏆Become A Member

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