TraxxStemz is an innovative product enabled by a proprietary content processing engine developed by TokenTraxx Head of Innovation, Richard Rauser. Designed to facilitate randomized combinations of both music and visual art elements, TraxxStemz challenges the way we perceive creation, rarity and value.

To sound coherent, the β€˜stems’ or individual layers (such as the drums, keyboards, the lead guitar etc.) from a music track’s multiple versions (e.g.recordings and remixes) are beat-matched and pitch-shifted by the TraxxStemz creation process. Augmented by randomly generated versions of visual artwork, these new unheard-off remixes present an innovative format for digital collectible collection drops.

The TokenTraxx technology allows particular stems, as well as individual artwork traits, to be assigned different rarities, which means certain elements will appear more common than others in the given collection. Developed to push the boundaries of creating, the thrill of collecting and the fun of trading to the next level, TraxxStemz set a precedent for other drops in the digital collectible space.

Most importantly, underpinned by blockchain technology, digital collectible format of TraxxStemz allows the exclusivity of ownership – of generated remixes of tracks and randomised versions of visual art.

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