🧑‍🏫Educational Workshop


This workshop, crafted for artists and communities, opens the gateway to the innovative worlds of Web3 and NFTs. Designed to demystify these digital landscapes, it offers a deep dive into how participants can harness NFTs for creative expression and new revenue streams. Through practical insights into creating, marketing, and selling NFTs, this workshop empowers attendees to explore this frontier with confidence and creativity.

This workshop is tailor-made for:

  • Artists and musicians seeking to explore and integrate NFTs into their creative and commercial ventures.

  • Creative communities interested in the intersection of technology and art.

  • Individuals curious about the potential of Web3 technologies and their impact on the music industry.

Optional TRAXX Studio or Curator Page

For attendees eager to dive into the world of NFTs post-workshop, TokenTraxx can also provide a dedicated Minting Studio or Curator Page on our platform. This resource can serve as a launchpad for workshop participants to explore, create, and mint their first NFTs with the support of the TokenTraxx team. To begin their journey, artists would simply need to submit their music, concepts, and relevant details via a specialised form. Following this initial step, our team will facilitate a smooth onboarding process, culminating in the strategic launch of their NFT drops. This immediate access to action and guidance aims to transition learning into practice seamlessly, enabling artists to leverage their newfound knowledge and skills in the dynamic NFT marketplace.

Host, Panellists & Content Owners

  • Hosted by CEO Tim Gentry.

  • Panellists from the TokenTraxx team: Co-Founder Miles Leonard, CCO TommyD, Artist-Onboarding Oliver Reid.

  • Artist Content-Owners: Kwame Kwaten, Wild Awake Curators, Marica.eth, Abtin Zahed, Josh Savage and more...

  • TokenTraxx Advisors: Danton Supple, Dumi Oburata, Maria Forte, Kirk De Soto and more...


  1. Welcome & Introduction (10 minutes) -Quick icebreaker activity to foster engagement. -Brief overview of the workshop's goals and what attendees will learn.

  2. Unraveling Web3 and NFTs: The Basics (15 minutes) -What is Web3? Introduction to the decentralised web. -Understanding NFTs: How NFTs work and their significance. -Relevance to Music Artists: Exploring the impact on the music industry.

  3. Success Stories: NFTs in the Music World (10 minutes) -Presentation of case studies showcasing successful applications by artists. -Discussion on diverse approaches and outcomes.

  4. Creating Your First NFT: A Step-by-Step Guide (20 minutes) -Tools and Wallets: Overview of what you need to get started. -Creating an NFT: Live demo or pre-recorded video showing submission process? -Pricing and Selling: Strategies for setting prices and selling NFTs.

  5. Building Your Brand and Community in Web3 (15 minutes) -Strategies for marketing NFTs and building a fanbase in the Web3 ecosystem. -Importance of storytelling and digital presence.

  6. Interactive Q&A Session (15 minutes) -Open floor for participants to ask questions, share concerns, and discuss ideas. -Encourage engagement with real-time answers and insights.

  7. Wrap-Up & Resources (5 minutes) -Summary of key takeaways from the workshop. -Sharing a curated list of resources, tools, and submission form for further exploration. -Information on how to stay connected with the community and ongoing support.

Duration & Platform

Approximately 90 minutes, delivered online via Zoom or Google Meet, ensuring accessibility for participants worldwide.


The investment for participating in this transformative workshop is customised to align with the unique needs and goals of each group. Our team collaborates closely with interested parties to establish a pricing structure that reflects the specific format, content preferences, and outcomes desired. This tailored approach ensures that all participants gain maximum value from their experience, fostering an environment of mutual success and growth.

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