TraxxLists - TraxxMixx

Music is the soundtrack of every aspect of our lives and is the ultimate way of sharing feelings and emotions with others. Music often says what words cannot, and a curated selection presented together will say so much more than a single track.

Who hasn’t created playlists on Spotify or mixed tape cassettes back in the day?

Whilst the artists get extra plays and exposure from a Spotify Playlist, it is the Spotify platform that benefits the most. On TokenTraxx, the Curator gets rewarded for music discovery and showcasing efforts.

TokenTraxx has split the concept of the playlist into two categories – TraxxMixx and TraxxList.

TraxxMixx is a selection of tracks that are mixed in a set order. Once mixed, the individual tracks can’t be changed (removed/added) and their order can’t be altered. Think of a DJ set on a particular night. The tracks and mixes are embedded, and it is the tracks, the order, and the way they are mixed that take you on a musical journey.

TraxxList is a selection of tracks that can be updated and changed – resembling traditional playlists on Spotify. Tracks can come and go, so older and less exciting tracks can make room for new smashes. TraxxLists can have a theme – Work Out Bangers, Sunset Chill, Songs for Lovers, etc., so the running order is not so important. What is important are the tracks themselves and the fact they fit a particular emotion or context.

TokenTraxx will enable users to get rewards in TRAXX from curating TraxxMixxes and TraxxLists:

  • As a collection of permanently joined tracks that cannot be changed, users will be able to sell TraxxMixx as an overall mix – like any other digital collectible – with TokenTraxx acquiring all relevant licenses for each individual track included.

  • Analysing every aspect of TraxxLists, TokenTraxx will break them down into many different data points that can be real-time tracked and given a metric value. When combined, these will provide an overall synthetic value, which will vary depending on one’s ability to construct a list that succeeds on three levels – the S.E.E. Algo – Support, Entertainment and Education.

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