Music First Marketplace for Digital Collectibles

TokenTraxx Marketplace is an on-chain facility built by musicians for the music community.

Leveraging a new rewards structure for music Creators, TokenTraxx facilitates independent distribution and control of commercialisation – addressing some of the main issues that have plagued the music industry for decades.

The platform’s transactional token, TRAXX, facilitates digital collectible purchases and serves as a medium of exchange on TokenTraxx Marketplace.

By providing a platform that redefines and enhances the value of music, TokenTraxx is determined to position itself at the very centre of the new independent music creator economy.

To achieve this, the TokenTraxx platform leverages infrastructure and tools for Creators to publish music in non-fungible token (NFT) format – more broadly known as β€œdigital collectibles.”

TokenTraxx Marketplace allows users to sell and trade digital collectibles in a way that rewards Creators for the value created each time their music is resold or downloaded.

Besides facilitating the minting and trading of music-related digital collectibles, TokenTraxx is ushering in a package of innovative solutions for digitizing and securing every aspect of music engagement – from tracks, mixes and playlists, to merchandise and tickets.

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