How do Curators benefit

Curators do not necessarily create music but are music discovery specialists: think DJ’s, Label A&R, or influencers who take the time to search and find new music, often specializing in a genre, or even a specific music Creator.

Sometimes they build personal relationships with Creators, even playing a part in helping to nurture and guide the Creator, bringing them out of their bedrooms for all of us to enjoy.

We are all Curators in some way. We all love music and make playlists on Spotify or mix tape cassettes, back in the day. We all love curating music selections for that certain event, a mate’s party, a potential lover to show how much you care, or just some great tunes to do the washing up to.

Music is the soundtrack of every aspect of our lives and is the ultimate way to share those feelings and emotions with others. Music says it when words cannot, and a collection of tracks will say so much more than a single track.

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