TraxxLists & TraxxMixx

Whilst the artists get extra plays and exposure from a Spotify Playlist, it is the Spotify platform that gets most benefit. With a TraxxList, or TrackMixx on TokenTraxx, you the Curator, will be rewarded for your efforts.

TokenTraxx has split the concept of the playlist into two categories:

TraxxMixx - This is a selection of tracks that are mixed in a set order. The tracks themselves, or the order cannot be changed once mixed. Think of a DJ set on a particular night. The tracks and mixes are embedded, and it is the tracks, the order, and the way they are mixed that take you on a musical journey.

TraxxList - This is more like a traditional playlist on Spotify. Tracks can come and go, be updated, so older fewer exciting tracks can be usurped for newer potential smashes. The Traxxlist can have a theme - Work Out Bangers, Sunset Chill, Songs for Lovers, etc., so the running order is not so important. What is important is the tracks themselves and the fact they fit a particular emotion or theme.

Within TokenTraxx you can get rewards in Traxx Tokens from either a TraxxList, or a TraxxMixx.

With a Traxx||List we have analysed every aspect of these, breaking them down into many different data points that can be real time tracked and given a metric value.

When combined these provide you with an overall synthetic value that varies depending on your ability to construct a list, or mix, that succeeds on three levels, the S.E.E. Algo - Support, Entertainment and Education.

TraxxMixx’s are collections of tracks mixed that do not change. Therefore, the overall mix can be sold like any other NFT, with the TT team acquiring all relevant licenses for each individual track included.

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