Music Collectors

Collectors drive and sustain value in music. This is not just in the rarity market. We are all Collectors of music on one level or another, so we all drive and sustain music.

The secondary NFT market is still in its infancy, but we believe it will become a major force in the new music creator economy and Token||Traxx will be at the forefront of that change, through their Curator endorsed model.

Collectors can trade NFT’s, which will in part be showcased by Curator promotion to highlight their potential untapped value.

This is in keeping with the historical nature of music discovery. Early exposure on radio, influencers, and features on popular playlists, already drive music discovery. From there, we all become promoters of music.

What are music charts if not a collection of the most popular tracks defined by a simple metric of sales, or listens? Like crypto influencers, Collectors will be judged on their ability to buy low and sell high, capturing the birth of a track and profiting from its explosion in popularity.

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