On-boarding New Users

Token||Traxx's onboarding wishes to provide incentives for Creators and their fans to remain loyal to the program as it grows.

Token||Traxx will undertake extensive education campaigns combined with community building. This will be including a campaign around an NFT drop to enable Creators to engage with their fan base initially throughout the sale and ongoing.

Music Creators must engage with their traditional fanbase, who may be sceptical of NFT’s but familiar with streaming, going to gigs and buying merchandise.

We expect anything up to 20% of the traditional fanbase will be comfortable in crossing over into the Blockchain world which we expect to increase as familiarity grows.

The NFT community, and the $2T+ blockchain community are perceived as almost evangelical in their desire to drive engagement with Blockchain in general and see NFT’s as an excellent way to advance that adoption.

Token||Traxx will provide help them engagement with all these communities, starting with the Creators Discord and Telegram channels that are commonly used in crypto and gaming but not within the music community.

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