Target Audience

The TokenTraxx technology and marketplace enables tight integration between three key groups within the music community: Creators, Curators and Collectors. It is the product of collaboration between these groups that defines how we all discover, engage, share, and fall in love with music. Without Curators and Collectors, there is no network effect for us to hear new music or be introduced to new talent.
Creators - Create music – writers, musicians, producers; Creators need support to be able to keep creating.
Curators - Find, filter, and elevate music - DJs, A&R, Influencers, social media tastemakers, etc. Token||Traxx will enable Curators to make music accessible and enable us to recognise talent and excellence. The Token||Traxx marketplace will reward Curators for the valuable contribution they make.
Collectors - Collect music, sometimes specific genres, artists, or rare versions. TokenTraxx will empower them to find potentially valuable hidden gems.