TokenTraxx Cross-Chain Compatibility

Cross Chain Compatibility

TokenTraxx will be the NFT marketplace with cross-chain compatibility. The TokenTraxx platform token, which we call TRAXX, will be minted on the Ethereum mainnet and then bridged to the Zilliqa, Polygon and BSC blockchains. Artists minting NFTs on the platform will be able to choose from Ethereum, Zilliqa, BSC and Polygon. Our cross-chain NFT compatibility will roll out post-launch.

TokenTraxx NFTs

TokenTraxx will bring a diverse range of NFT experiences for artists to work with and engage their community, powered by smart contracts built on the blockchain of choice of the artist. Want to maximize secondary market value with a high-value, rare collectable? - use Ethereum. Keen to engage a broad community and be accessible to fans at a lower price point? - mint on Polygon. Are environmental credentials and an advanced set of meta-data standards important whilst keeping costs low and delivering speed that delights? - try Zilliqa.

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