Playlists / TraxxLists (Under Development)

Whilst the artists get extra plays and exposure from a Spotify Playlist, it's the platform that gets the most benefit. With a TraxxList, or TraxxMixx on TokenTraxx, the Curator is rewarded for his/her efforts. TokenTraxx has split the concept of the playlist into two categories:

TraxxMixx – This is a selection of tracks that are mixed in a set order. The tracks themselves, or the order cannot be changed once mixed. Think of a DJ set on a particular night. The tracks and mixes are embedded and it's the tracks, the order, and the way they are mixed that take you on a musical journey.

TraxxList – This is more like a traditional playlist on Spotify. Tracks can come and go, be updated, so older less exciting tracks can be usurped for newer potential smashes. TraxxLists can have a theme – Work Out Bangers, Sunset Chill, Songs for Lovers, etc., so the running order isn’t so important. What's important is the tracks themselves and the fact they fit a particular emotion or theme.

Within TokenTraxx you can get rewards in TRAXX tokens from either a TraxxList, or a TraxxMixx.

We have analysed every aspect of these, breaking them down into many different data points that can be real-time tracked and given a metric value.

When combined, these provide you with an overall synthetic value that varies depending on your ability to construct a list or a mix, that ultimately succeeds on three levels, the S.E.E. Algo - Support, Entertainment and Education.

This value can then be traded using TRAXX tokens.

Since TraxxMixx is a collection of mixed tracks that doesn’t change, the overall mix can be sold like any other NFT – with the TokenTraxx team acquiring all relevant licenses for each individual track included.


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