The TokenTraxx Marketplace

On chain facility built by musicians for the music community. #OwnYourSound

The TokenTraxx Marketplace is an on-chain facility built by musicians for the music community, which will enable users and musicians to Create, Curate and Collect the hottest tracks. #OwnYourSound. The marketplace:

  • Takes a 360-degree approach to all aspects of music innovation.

  • Creates a new rewards structure for music Creators.

  • Provides independent distribution and control over commercialisation.

  • The TokenTraxx ‘algo’ (in development) will allow Curators to trade and gain rewards from their ability to curate a brilliant TraxxList or TraxxMixx.

  • Radically simplifies and makes data collection dependable and effective.

TokenTraxx is entirely focused on music, utilizing a familiar music discovery platform to allow anyone to trade its value and stake for returns.

Transactions on the TOKENTRAXX platform will be performed using the network token (TOKEN TRAXX TOKEN) that is expected to be available via DEXes (Distributed Exchanges) which will provide liquidity and off and on-ramp services to fiat. In the beginning, the marketplace will also offer FIAT and ETHEREUM / MATIC currency to build market share. Over time these will be migrated exclusively over to TRAXX.

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