TraxxStemz is a novel technology built in-house at TokenTraxx that allows the layers of artwork or musical composition to be rearranged into totally new, randomly recombined artistic works that are distributed as NFTs. The layers of visual artwork or music are fed into our TraxxStemz tech along with a table of rarities, and the output can be any number of artistic works, say 100 or even 100,000, that are generated from random selections of these layers based on the specified rarities. Time stretching and pitch shifting is undertaken to ensure the music is entirely coherent, resulting in many surprisingly impressive combinations. IP rights to the artwork and music can be included in the NFTs.

The first application of TraxxStemz tech was the TokenTraxx NFT drop for the track "Revolution" by Graffiti6, a collection of 3030 NFTs launched in September 2022. The original track was remixed by 4 incredible talents โ€“ Paul Woolford, Flux Pavilion, Calyx & Teebee, Oden and Fatzo โ€“ and TraxxStemz tech was used to recombine the audio layers (or stems) from the original and remixes into 3030 totally new pieces of music, time-stretched and pitch-shifted to sound fantastic. The 3030 NFTs are generated from 2,000,000 potential combinations across 9 different traits, such as drums, bass, FX and lead vocal.

Each audio mix is accompanied by randomly combined artwork generated using the same technology, featuring stunning 3D heart visuals from Graffiti6 member and visual artist, Jimi Crayon. The 3030 artworks are generated from 50,000 potential combinations of the heart, its accessory and an accent.

Graffiti6 is a collaboration of Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jamie Scott, Graffiti artist Jimi Crayon and the genesis drop of award-winning music producer, songwriter and TokenTraxx co-founder TommyD.

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