Onboarding Users

As it grows, TokenTraxx aims to provide incentives for Creators and their fans – rewarding their loyalty to the project.
To support onboarding, TokenTraxx will undertake extensive education campaigns, combining them with community building. This includes campaigns surrounding digital collectible drops that will enable Creators to engage with their fanbase – initially, throughout the sale, and ongoing.
Music Creators must engage with their traditional fanbase, who may be sceptical of digital collectibles, but are familiar with streaming, going to gigs and buying merchandise.
ThokenTraxx expects anything up to 20% of the traditional fanbase will be comfortable crossing over into the Web3 space. This percentage is expected to increase as familiarity grows.
The TokenTraxx team will help support Creator‘s engagement with digital collectible and TokenTraxx communities on social media platforms commonly used in crypto and Web3 – starting with Creator‘s Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels.