Studio Feature list

This document serves as a comprehensive guide to the features provided by Studios. Targeted at studio owners, tech partners, and digital creators, it aims to offer an in-depth understanding of each feature's technical specifications, usage, and benefits.

Feature Descriptions:

Current features

Summary: An exclusive area on each artist's page for dedicated fans to access unique content and rewards.
Details: 'Token-gated' areas can house exclusive content such as visual and audio artworks, event tickets, movies, and personalised video content. Fosters a closer connection between artists and their fan base, facilitating exclusive interactions and rewards.
Benefits: Enhances fan engagement by offering exclusive rewards and interactions. Strengthens the bond between artists and their dedicated supporters.
Summary: An integrated cryptocurrency exchange widget, LI.FI, simplifies crypto transactions for users.
Details: LI.FI allows users to effortlessly exchange various tokens into TRAXX tokens, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. Beneficial for TokenTraxx marketplace purchases, making transactions accessible and efficient. Supports popular EVM compatible cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin.
Benefits: Streamlines cryptocurrency transactions, making them accessible to a wider audience. Ensures convenience and efficiency when trading on TokenTraxx.
Creation, minting, buying & selling digital collectibles
Summary: TokenTraxx's dynamic NFT marketplace enables users to create, mint, buy, and sell NFTs with ease.
Details: Supports both fiat and cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring accessibility for all users. Currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Zilliqa, and Bitcoin, with adaptability for future integrations. Demonstrates commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology.
Benefits: Provides a versatile platform for NFT-related activities. Ensures accessibility to a diverse user base through multiple transaction options.
No-Coiner friendly
Summary: Simplified crypto access with the Paper Wallet feature for a welcoming user experience.
Details: Users can make fiat purchases on Traxx Studios using only their email address. Designed to be user-friendly, eliminating complex web3 terminology. Behind-the-scenes custodial wallet facilitates seamless transactions.
Benefits: Bridges the gap between traditional and digital currency transactions. Ensures a user-friendly and approachable experience for all users.
Summary: Empowers clients to customise TokenTraxx's platform to align with their branding and design preferences.
Details: Offers fully customizable design options to match a website’s aesthetic or desired theme. Enhances visual appeal and provides a consistent brand experience across platforms. Flexibility in tweaking UI, UX, and overall design to meet unique branding needs.
Benefits: Enables seamless integration of TokenTraxx into existing web presence. Ensures a visually appealing and consistent brand experience for end-users.
Custom integrations
Summary: Enhance studio engagement through seamless integration with loyalty and rewards programs.
Details: Integration options with platforms like Cube and Kazm incentivize and reward fan behaviour. Fosters a more interactive and rewarding fan experience, deepening the studio's relationship with its audience. Encourages ongoing engagement and loyalty.
Benefits: Boosts fan engagement and loyalty through customised programs. Creates a blend of appreciation and motivation for the fan base.
Summary: Empower clients with full ownership and control over smart contracts, ensuring autonomy and security.
Details: All smart contracts are owned by the 'Studios,' offering full ownership and control over studio contents. Decentralised nature ensures accessibility and usability of digital collectibles and studio content, independent of TokenTraxx's operational status. Provides autonomy and security, ensuring the long-term availability and resilience of digital assets.
Benefits: Guarantees autonomy and control over digital assets. Ensures long-term availability and resilience of studio content.
Summary: The Analytics feature provides studio owners with a comprehensive dashboard powered by Plausible, offering insights into studio performance and audience engagement.
Details: Dashboard offering metrics on user interaction, content performance, and engagement trends. Integration with Plausible for advanced data analytics. Use Case: Enables studio owners to make data-driven decisions regarding content and studio operations.
Benefits: Empowers decision-making with actionable insights. Helps in tailoring content strategy to audience preferences. Enhances operational efficiency.
Content Management System
Summary: A user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) designed to streamline content updates in real-time.
Details: Facilitates updates to text, images, and links. Customizable to various levels of technical expertise. Use Case: Allows studio owners to maintain an up-to-date and engaging studio appearance.
Benefits: Ensures a dynamic and fresh studio interface. Accommodates both tech-savvy users and beginners. Enhances user engagement through updated content.
Payment Splits
Summary: Advanced tool for automating revenue sharing using 0xsplits.
Details: Simplifies setting up of revenue distribution agreements. Automated and transparent disbursement of earnings. Use Case: Ideal for collaborations involving revenue sharing.
Benefits: Reduces complexity in financial management. Fosters transparency and trust among collaborators.
Custom ERC-20 Token
Summary: Service for creating bespoke ERC-20 tokens with legal compliance.
Details: Expertise in legal and technical aspects of token creation. Customization to align with studio branding. Use Case: Studios looking to launch unique digital tokens.
Benefits: Legal and technical guidance simplifies the token creation process. Can enhance a studio's digital presence with a personalised token.
Distribution Partnerships
Summary: Access to a broad network of digital distribution platforms.
Details: Partnerships with platforms like, Rarible, etc. Extends studio's reach to wider audiences. Use Case: Maximising exposure for digital content.
Benefits: Amplifies studio visibility in the digital marketplace. Connects studios with a global audience of collectors and enthusiasts.

Next on roadmap

Summary: An upcoming groundbreaking feature, 'Self Serve,' empowers users to independently create and mint NFTs within their studios.
Details: Users can create and mint their own NFTs directly within their studios. Eliminates the need for intervention from the TokenTraxx team, offering unprecedented speed and autonomy. Revolutionises the NFT creation process with a streamlined, efficient, and user-driven approach. Enhances the creative journey and provides users with full control over their digital assets.
Benefits: Empowers users with the ability to create and mint NFTs independently. Promotes a more efficient and user-centric approach to NFT production. Offers simplicity and innovation in the NFT space, enhancing the overall creative experience.
Custom Integrations and 360 Fan Support
Summary: A comprehensive suite of integration options designed to enhance fan engagement and loyalty.
Details: Offers seamless integration with on-chain solutions for vinyl, merchandising, and ticketing. Future collaborations planned with GUTs and Tixologi for ticketing, Vinyl Key for vinyl solutions, and Ochre for merchandise. Use Case: Ideal for studios looking to provide a holistic and immersive fan experience, capturing all aspects of fan behaviour on-chain.
Benefits: Enables studios to create a more engaging and interactive environment for fans. Strengthens the connection between studios and their audience through customised experiences. Positions studios at the forefront of fan engagement with innovative on-chain solutions.
Secondary Market
Summary: An upcoming feature introducing a dedicated platform for NFT trading, enhancing liquidity and engagement.
Details: A dynamic marketplace for users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Enables studio owners to enforce royalties on secondary sales. Use Case: Provides a platform for continuous engagement and trading of NFTs, benefiting both studio owners and users.
Benefits: Enhances the value of NFTs by ensuring continuous market engagement and liquidity. Creates a new revenue stream for studio owners through enforced royalties. Offers users a secure and vibrant marketplace for discovering and trading unique digital assets.
DeFi Funding
Summary: An innovative funding feature that introduces DeFi (Decentralised Finance) options, transforming the financing landscape for studios.
Details: Studios can leverage real-world asset lending and securitized NFT options for creative project funding. Offers a unique and novel way to fund creative endeavours. Fans gain the opportunity to share in the value created, strengthening their connection with supported studios. All financial innovations are fully compliant and executed in collaboration with regulated partners. Ensures a secure and trustworthy environment for studios and investors alike.
Benefits: Pioneers a new approach to studio financing. Creates avenues for studios to thrive and fans to actively engage in the success of their favourite creators. Fosters financial innovation and collaboration within a compliant and secure framework.