Holder Benefits

Benefits of holding the TRAXX token
The TokenTraxx Platform will enable creators to directly monetise music and components including play lists by offering these in exchange for the TokenTraxx token. Staking TRAXX tokens enables the platform and the Creators to provides access to memberships, VIP rewards and content. Some potential benefits of Staking into the TOKENTRAXX PLATFORM include.
  • discounted gig tickets - you got it -TT will collaborate with promoters to deliver
  • your favourite unsigned artists on the platform – you got it – TT Stakers will be able to submit artists proposals and vote on the weekly feature
  • access to lifetime festival passes? – you got it - TT Stakers will get first access to these drops
  • lifetime club membership? - you got it - TT Stakers will get first access to these drops
  • limited edition merch? you got it - TT Stakers will get first access to these drops
  • fan experience packages - you got it - TT Stakers will get first access to these drops
  • free mentoring sessions with TT creators? you got it -TT Stakers can apply for these sessions
  • annual awards event? -TT Stakers can vote in and attend the annual TT academy awards
    access to exclusive TT club nights – you got it - TT Stakers and VIP guaranteed
  • Earn rewards from supporting your favourite artists? -TT is working with selected partners to provide staking opportunities
  • champion a sound? TT Stakers can vote on a monthly TT platform focus -say Asian fusion or afrobeat
  • hear innovative new music? TT Stakers will be able to access the VIP "choon room" curated by the TT Team
  • earn reward for Curating a playlist? you got it Each month a TT holder will be invited to Curate and post a playlist and earn from this
  • produce your own NFT – TT Stakers will be invited to apply to spend a day in the studio with our founder TommyD
NOTE – Both the level of token ownership and the potential rewards and benefits of membership are subject to change. These benefits attach to membership which may be accessed by those who are token owners. They will not attach to the tokens themselves. The Token||Traxx platform will be operated by TOKEN TRAXX MUSIC LIMITED. The marketplace will be enabled by an unregulated token. The TOKEN TRAXX TOKEN is both a platform and an exchange token. The TOKEN TRAXX TOKEN will be minted on the Ethereum mainnet and bridged to the Zilliqa and Polygon and BSC blockchains.
It is intended that there will be a total supply of 350,000,000 TRAXX tokens.