Activity Rewards (Under Development)

For each epoch (4 weeks), there will be a pool alloted for rewards, R, to be split between all Curators, Collectors and Creators. Each indibidual in the pool will receive an individual attention score, w, that will be used to determine the reward, r, for a specific individual. The individual score is determined by the formula w=f1α×f21αw = f^α_1 \times f_2^{1-\alpha} where f1f_1 is a quantifiable good behaviour factor and f2f_2 is the second good behaviour factor for this individual category over that period.

Alpha (α) is a constant that allows increased or decreased weighting on either on either f1f_1 or f2f_2 and this is demonstrated through the "Rewards of f1f_1 and f2f_2" plots at the end of this section. Changing α\alpha over a period of time allows TokenTraxx to manage the goals of the platform through the incentive mechanism for users.

For example, let's say in the beginnning of protocol, we want to focus on "Democratisation over revenue generation".

Using the f1f_1 and f2f_2 for Creators in the table below, we can initially set α=0.9\alpha = 0.9 to reward Creators to increase "# of listeners/epoch" when they launch a campaign. We can then gradually decrease α\alpha to 0.1 in the future epochs, which will then reward Creators who have generated the highest revenue for the protocol, thus incentivising the highest monetary value generator Creators with the best music.

Individual Score Formula

w=f1α×f21αw = f^α_1 \times f_2^{1-\alpha}

Individual Reward Formula

r=R×wnkwn,n=1, = R \times \cfrac{w}{{\displaystyle\sum_{n}^k}w_n} , n = 1,2... k



Individual Score


Good Behaviour Factor #1


Good Behaviour Factor #2


Constant, determines weighting of f1f_1 vs f2f_2 αf2f1\downarrow\alpha\rArr \uparrow f_2 \downarrow f_1 αf2f1\uparrow\alpha\rArr\downarrow f_2 \uparrow f_1 Initial Value = 0.9, see reward plots


Reward for individual


Total reward pool for epoch


Sum of scores for everyone within a specific category (Creator/Curator/Collector)

Examples of Good Behaviour Factors



High # of listeners/epoch

High # of curated playlists

High Avg. Listens/Day


Revenue generated for the protocol

High total subscribed collectors

High Token spend on artist

Rewards of f1f_1 and f2f_2 for α=0.9,0.5,0.1\alpha=0.9,0.5^*,0.1^* *other values of α\alpha shown to display weight effect of f1f_1 vs f2f_2

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