Staking TRAXX on the TokenTraxx platform will enable token holders to qualify for TokenTraxx Membership Program. Depending on the amount of TRAXX staked, token holders will become eligible to mint one of the four memberships – Gold, Silver, Platinum or Double Platinum.
Some of the tiered MVP benefits will include:
  • Discounts on certain digital collectibles
  • Free digital collectible airdrops
  • Early access to future drops
  • Voting on which artists should be featured on the platform
  • Access to gated social media channels (fireside chats/sessions)
  • Boosted staking rewards
  • Access to regular TokenTraxx Challenge Rewards
  • Exclusive TokenTraxx content
  • Access to virtual events
  • Metaverse perks (access to private virtual events/Avatar skins/meet-ups with artists)
  • Discounts on TokenTraxx merchandise
  • Discounts on other products outside of the TokenTraxx ecosystem (music events, gigs, festivals, music equipment)
  • Access to exclusive artist content
  • “If we do a NFT drop in the future where we sell fractional music ownership (royalties) the biggest Tier could get a higher rate.”
  • Mentoring and studio sessions with TokenTraxx music professionals
Both the level of token ownership and the potential rewards and benefits of membership are subject to change. These benefits attach to membership which may be accessed by those who are token owners. They will not attach to the tokens themselves. The TokenTraxx platform is operated by TOKEN TRAXX MUSIC LIMITED. TokenTraxx Marketplace is powered by an unregulated token. The TOKENTRAXX TOKEN is both a platform and an exchange token. The TOKENTRAXX TOKEN will be minted on the Ethereum mainnet and bridged to the Zilliqa and Polygon blockchains.
It is intended that there will be a total supply of 350,000,000 TokenTraxx Tokens (TRAXX).